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Sunday, 31 October 2010

kandee the make-up artist: Don't Let the Storms of Your Past, Cloud Your Futu...

kandee the make-up artist: Don't Let the Storms of Your Past, Cloud Your Futu...: "(photo by Ian Ruhter)It was a sunny morning in Brooklyn...last summer, and suddenly out of no where, storm clouds rolled in and a torrential..."

Pinkissimo Pinkhair: Pinkissimo Pinkhair: My facebook giveaway reminder...

Pinkissimo Pinkhair: Pinkissimo Pinkhair: My facebook giveaway reminder...: "Pinkissimo Pinkhair: My facebook giveaway reminder: 'Hello there my lovelies..... As most of you will probably no, I have a fanpage for ..."

Saturday, 30 October 2010

elf makeup

Hi ladies....

In the last few weeks I made a purchase from ELF when they had their free P&P offer on....I got a few things which I will review at a later date...Today I am going to review the e.l.f Eye Transformer...

e.l.f Eye Transformer

All of the colors are shimmers and the colors l-r are...

Light green shimmer
Peach shimmer
Pink shimmer
Blue purplish (that's a word now!!! lol..) shimmer....

First of I would like to say that I love both the standard and studio line that elf offers and have purchased many things in the past. I haven't really tried the mineral range as I don't tend to buy a lot of mineral products. You can get so much for your money with elf and I love to try loads of different things out..who doesn't!!lol...

The black packaging of this palette looks stylish and the plastic window at the top of the compact allows you to see what colors are in the compact...don't you just hate keep picking compacts up and opening them only to find its not the color you wanted...ahhhhhh...so top marks to e.l.f on this design. The mirror inside the compact is a decent size and you can easily see both of your eyes at the same time, so therefore you would be able to do your eye makeup no problem at all.

I tend to use this compact in two ways.....

Number 1.... During the day if I want a really light make up look I use any one of these colors as an normal eyeshadow and they gives your eyes that wide awake look...which we all need from time to time...hahaah...and also I use the same color just under my brow bone

Number 2.....Lets say I have used a navy blue eyeliner along the top & bottom of my lashes, then I would go over that line withe blue/purplish shimmer..it completely changes the color of the eyeliner and makes it brighter...again making your eyes sparkly...

Number 3....I haven't tried this yet....but any of the colors would be good as highlighters on top of the cheeks or (my favourite trick) pressed on to your lipstick on the bottom lip in the center or on your cupids brow...

So as you can see this compact has loads of uses and there is plenty of product for you to have a play around...Thanks e.l.f I love this compact...

Have any of you ladies got this compact??    Do you love it as much as I do???


Friday, 29 October 2010

Pinkissimo Pinkhair: ooooo Handmade handbags/jewellery

Pinkissimo Pinkhair: ooooo Handmade handbags/jewellery: "Dizzy Ducks hand tied ribbon wreath...simply stunning Hello gorgeous people On this cold evening I thought I would cheer you all..."

Pinkissimo Pinkhair: My facebook giveaway reminder

Pinkissimo Pinkhair: My facebook giveaway reminder: "Hello there my lovelies..... As most of you will probably no, I have a fanpage for Pinkissimo Pinkhair and I said that when I got to 10..."


Hello beauty bloggers...

I thought I would do a FOTD as I haven't done one in a while...Like I always say I don't use mac and most of my makeup is drugstore unless otherwise stated.....

In daylight

Inside in front of lighted mirror

I wanted this look to be a bit more of a natural pink wash....So I have used the following products...

Elf tinted moisturiser in spice as i am fake tanned at the mo
Avon mineral foundation - I buffed this over the top of the Elf  moisturiser as i like the more made up look and the finish
Bronzer- all over my face and contoured my cheeks
UDPP - over lid for a base
Le Femme - Pink e/shad over lid up to crease (review in previous post)
Le Femme - lighter pink up to brow bone and blended the two colors together
Eyeliner - purple on top & bottom lash line and went over with pink e/shadow used earlier to smudge it in
Mascara - 3 coats and curled lashes
Brows - used matt dark brown & black to sculpt my brows the shape i wanted them
Used Elf shimmer palette - pink shade just under brow to highlight (will be doing a review on this product this week)
Cheeks - pink blusher on apples and blended towards my hair line
Lips - outlined lips with pink pencil and applied pink lipstick then gloss over the top...

Pink & purple eyeshadow look done!!

So what do you think ladies????


Thursday, 28 October 2010

La Femme eyeshadow compact

Hi my little lovelies....

Today I am going to review the La Femme 5 eyeshadow palette in different shades of pink...

La Femme eyeshadow palette in pinks

Sorry no numbers or names for the shades??
1.Peachy pink
2. Mid pink (could use as a cheek highlighter)
3. Dark pink
4. very light pink (great for highlighting)
5. very light green..??? (highlighting)

I purchased this palette from e bay and it was around the £1.79 mark + P&P...so really inexpensive.  As you can see from the palette the colors are quite chalky but quite pigmented and the packaging is great as you can see your colors through the palette and the clear plastic is quite sturdy and it wont fall apart the first time you use it..
 When I did my fotd I found that even with my UDPP I had to build up the color..but only slightly. When I opened the palette the eyeshadows all had a fine layer of glitter covering them..(why do they do this???)...when I applied the shadows i did have some fall...but nothing to shout about. In future I think I would wipe the fine layer off the glitter as it has no use at all. 
The brushes (as usual) were rubbish..they shouldnt have bothered as they were those horrible scratchy foam applicators..yuk!!! straight in the bin they went.... 
This palette does have a few good highlighting colors whether its for highlighting under your brows/cupid bow or cheeks...I will actually try this out on a FOTD in the future and see how it works. Actually I could see it working really well pressed on top of a light pink lipstick which would make your lipstick stay on longer and give a real shimmer to your lips..

This is my FOTD..dont ask me why I am pulling this stupid face!!! hahahah
How I achieved this FOTD is in the previous post

So overall......

I liked the compact design and the colors
Colors have a good pigment
Wicked price
Sturdy palette design
Love the clear plastic packaging

Colors are a bit chalky
Hated the glitter on top of the shadows
Can get a bit of fallout & color needs a bit of building even with an eyelid primer

So whats your verdict ladies???      Would you purchase???