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i love long nails, nail art, my cats, chocolate, beauty products, nail polish, shoes, handbags and everything girlie. Will be doing reviews of products and lots of nail art...hope you enjoy the ride..If you would like me to review a product please feel free to contact me at tuckleym@hotmail.co.uk

Friday, 20 August 2010

Hi Peeps

Well I have finally plucked up the courage and started my blog :)

I will be doing reviews on products i have bought, which will be affordable items, giveaways, blog sales and I will show you lots of nail art posts and anything else that takes my fancy. So chuffed to be joining the blogger community. Ask me anything i may or may not tell you hahahah.

I love all things beauty and nail related and am addicted to makeup...but dare i say..I do not own 1 piece of Mac....mmm hopefully one day. I love my cats who are my babies and in spoil them to death. I adore shoes especially Irregular Choice (which luckily Mr buys for me, im so lucky) and always want the pair that i cannot walk in!!!!



  1. I am so excited that we have connected. I wish you lots of great comments and posts!! BTW I'm glad you don't own any mac makeup. The ingrediants that are in some of these makeup products are really gross! I love the blue sparkly shoes!!

  2. Hi Debra thanks so much..i wish they were my shoes but sadly they arnt :( lolxx

  3. Hey there :) Congratulations on starting your own blog! I have been a blogger since last June so I'm not that experienced but I love it :)

    I agree with you on the shoes (btw i love these sparkly ones) hehe I just love them and as you may know nails are my other weakness ;P

    Looking forward to reading you posts :) xxx tc

  4. Yay finally!!!! Glad to see you with your own blog at last babes. Can't wait till you get into the swing of things!


  5. Thanks girlies ...got some good posts coming up :) xx

  6. Just wanted to say hi and happy blogging x

  7. hi nicoletta..many thanks xx