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Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Hi bloggettes...

I was reading a blog the other day and they mentioned "Folksy" which is the British alternative to Etsy who sell mainly internationally. So folksy is in £ and again everything is all handmade  from the sublime to the ridiculous......so i popped over to have a look...and here are a few things i thought would amuse you all....

check this out for your cupcakes & i love vinyl records as the Mr does a bit of DJing from time to time
from seller  clarabows £18 + P&P

Itchycoo £4.00 + P&P
Look at this cute fimo cake & coffee ring and Itchycoo does cupcake pendants and earrings too.

 badbiscuit sells these cupcake nipple pasties for £8.99 +P&P
Come on girls you no you need these in your life from badbiscuit!!! There are feather ones & hearts too hahahaha..wished my lady balloons looked like hers!!!!

reddskinbags £10.90 +P&P

Now who doesn't need a high heeled stocking to put all the lovely pressies in at Xmas..go and check out reddskinbags and she does amazing clutch bags too.

These studded earphones are a must for any teenager at Xmas £6.50 +P&P
These ear phones are amazing...go to Dazzle1411 and they available in many colors

This neck warmer is less bulky than a scarf £26 +P&P

Isn't this neck warmer fab..it would fit neatly into your coat and its available from rheaclements

So as you can see there are some wonderful Xmas gifts for you or your loved ones...especially the nipple pasties...lol...lol..



Monday, 27 September 2010

Confidence: Confidence...?????

Confidence: Confidence...?????: "Hi chicklettes... I was wondering today... What gives us confidence???? I have been lacking in this department for quite some time..."

Sunday, 26 September 2010


Hi chicklettes...

I was wondering today...

What gives us confidence????

I have been lacking in this department for quite some time and it got me thinking. How do you get your confidence...is it putting your make up on in a morning...wearing that bright red lipstick..a long soak in the bath with your favourite bath products...chocolate..watching your fave movie???

 If we loose our confidence is it because..someone has said something you didn't want to hear...your did something wrong at work...your life changed and you didn't want it to...your dreams seem so far away..you don't feel good enough..you had a row with your family...


If we loose our confidence does it ever come back??????

I would love to hear your feedback on this question..tell me what makes your confidence soar above the clouds...


Saturday, 25 September 2010

New/Old blogs I am loving

Hi bloggers

I decided to share with you some of the blogs that are either new to me or i have been following for a while...

Go here to padmitas blog..this is a new blog i found...she does the most amazing and unusual makeup up using nail art stickers!! amazing...

Now Ray blog is awesome she has the best sense of humour, her blog always makes me smile, she is really girlie girl..

Nicoletta blog i have been following for a while, she does loads of FOTD & OOTD and shopping hauls and review and the way she does her makeup is gorgeous....

Sherrie i have been following for a while and she does greats reviews and at the moment she has a great giveaway for getting to 50 followers..so go and show her some love...

Get Lippie has now got a new blog called GetmoreLippie which is great and totally makeup unrelated..at the minute she has the most amazing cake recipe..i soooo have to try....

I will be doing these type of posts on a regular weekly basis as i feel its good to share the blogging love around..so please..pop and have a look at these blogs im sure you will love them like i do...

enjoy reading..


Friday, 24 September 2010

Mirror mirror on the wall: Lady Mucks haul

Mirror mirror on the wall: Lady Mucks haul: "hi bloggettes......As i was looking through the hundreds of blogs that i follow i noticed a website called Lady Mucks (sorry can't remember..."

Lola rose from QVC

Hello my little beauties

I was having a mooch on the qvc website as i do from time to time..heheh and came across the wonderful Lola Rose jewellery.

Here is what QVC say about the gorgeous jewellery

Lola Rose jewellery is all about colour, texture and affordable luxury.
Designer Nikki Gewirtz has a passion for nature's finest semi-precious stones, and her jewellery boasts inspirational designs with tactile finishes that the stars love.

You must go and have a look as all Lola Rose designs..they do not have sterling silver fastenings or clasps, they have these chinese knots, which is excellant because that means it fits everybody and if you have long nails..like me...you can actually fasten them yourself..woop woop..... ooooo her rings are to die for, they are very large statement pieces and of course are all made with semi precious stones. I do actually have one and every time i wear it i get loads of compliments. Many celebrities where Lola Rose jewellery and you can always spot a lola rose design a mile off because she has such inspirational designs.

Let me now what you think? What is your favourite rings,necklaces,bracelets?

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Lady Mucks haul

hi bloggettes......As i was looking through the hundreds of blogs that i follow i noticed a website called Lady Mucks (sorry can't remember who's blog it was)... so i had a mooch and found some mega gorgeous bath and body products all handmade. so i went ahead and i ordered:-
(l-r) Pink Wedding cake soap, solid lotion bar, passion fruit pink soap, 8 bath creamers, blue amber wood soap (with label), Ocean breeze soap, Blue solid sugar body scrub, Massive bath bob in center

This is what Lady Muck states about her soap

A wide selection of hand made soaps made from 100% vegetable based ingredients to produce a mild and gentle lather to cleanse...They are not tested on animals as its very strongly against my beliefs and are also suitable for vegetarians...

My order....

Blue Amber wood SLS Free Handmade Soap £1.69

I wont be reviewing this as its a present, a great smelling man soap.

Pink hand made soap Wedding Cake strawberry & cream £1.50
This is also a present but smelt of strawberry's and looked so cute..mmmm

Ocean Breeze Traditional Handmade Soap £1.89
This is soap is so fresh and would defo wake you up in the mornings. I actually bought this for Mr but he likes my passion fruit soap!!!hehehe The lather off this soap is sooooo moisturising and creamy and your skin is like silk after using it.Its going to last ages too.

Passion Fruit SLS Free Handmade Soap 1.69
Yes this is mine all mine, well that's what i thought!!! Again this soap has such creamy bubbles and i found that after using it i didn't need to use moisturise. I have never experienced that before as i have dry skin all over!! Again this soap is long lasting.

French Vanilla & Blackcurrant Bath Creamers x 8 £3.89
These little balls are amazing...i am normally very heavy handed so i thought..i will pop 2 of these little babies into my bath...OMG...even though they are small they take absolutely ages to dissolve..which is a good thing...and your left with pure Shea butter floating on top of the bath..i then rubbed the Shea butter into my skin while i was still wet and in the bath...After my skin was amazingly moisturised and silky. I will defo be repurchasing these as they are brilliant value. You have to be careful when using these bath creamers as the bath will be slippy when you get out...so make sure you clean the bath out or not depending how much you like your partner!!!lol

Black Raspberry & Vanilla Bath Bomb 200g £1.99
This is massive you could put the whole thing in the bath or use if for 2 baths and smells divine. I cannot review this as it was a present.

Carnt remember flavour...solid sugar body scrub 120g £4.49
This baby i now cannot live without. Its a good size to hold in your hand and it does not crumble at the first sight of water. I use it on my dry body which feels so invigorating before i shower and its amazing at exfoliating and getting rid of the last bits of fake tan. This bar is a proper hardcore scrub..i love it...I have also used it on my wet body which then turned it into a medium scrub and obviously it went further. I cannot stress how impressed i am with this bar as i have been looking for a hardcore scrub for ages which actually feels like its doing something and not just tickling the skin!!! Again like with all the products i have reviewed this is amazingly moisturising and left my skin like silk. Defo defo a repurchase.

Fruity Solid lotion bar 90g £2.99
Wow this another favourite of mine..You hold the solid bar in your hand and it gently starts to melt and let off the most amazing fragrance. I have found that this bar can be used everywhere on your body...elbows/knees/cuticles/hands..just about everywhere. As the bar is a solid oil you would think it takes ages to sink..well it doesn't but i would save it for a night time when you put your jarmers on after because it really relaxes you. In the morning you have beautiful baby soft skin..another repurchase.

So overall i am over the moon with my new purchases and will defo repurchasing again in the future as my skin is hydrated and not scaly like a snake anymore.

I also got a volume discount of £1.54 Bonus and the shipping was £5.30..not too bad as the package will be quite heavy .

I would like to point out that i am not affiliated in any way to Lady Mucks and i purchased all items with my own money.

sorry about the weird spacing of this post...took me ages to get it nearly right!!!gggrrr

Saturday, 11 September 2010

My new set of gel nails and QVC

My gel nails
Hi chicks...Thought you may like to have a look at the new set of gel extension i did on myself the other day. I have done them a little shorter this time, cos i couldn't pick anything up with my long talons..lol.lol...but they grow pretty quick anyway. I will be painting them in one of my gorgeous new Models Own polishes but this is what they look like without polish...What do you think girls?

Another quickie... I love QVC and especially Gatineau and today they have a Today's Special Value (TSV) where you can buy 3 products for £35.50  + £4.45 P&P. Now the pot of cream normally on QVC sells for around the £70 mark. So as you can see this is a bargain for high end skincare. If you have the money i urge you to buy its as its gorgeous stuff and apparently the whole set of 3 will last you 3 months...so not too bad when you break the price down. Let me no what you all think of QVC...good or bad....and yes i also think the P&P is steep....but they do stock premium products...Click here to purchase...By the way this offer is only on until stocks last or until midnight tonight!!

Gatineau 3 Piece Melatogenine 10th Anniversary Celebration

Photo from QVC

£35.50 + £4.45 P&P

Enjoy  xxx xxx

Friday, 10 September 2010

Jessica Simpson

Hi beauties.....Today i have been reading Mail online and they have featured Jessica simpson apparently with a wardrobe malfunction at Project Runway season 8 fashion show in New York.

Jessica simpson
photo from Mail online
Here is the accused photo.......

The article is saying that this dress by Micheal Korres is swamping her which is making her look bigger than she actually is. I personally think too much flesh is on show. Now speaking from experience when i put some weight on i don't want to wear something that is quite fitted, I would much prefer to wear something a little looser.  However as we no when your photo is taken its puts 7lb on right....but i have to be honest she looks like any normal beautiful women you see walking down the high street every day, so whats the problem. And yet..in recent months i have gained a few pounds and dislike myself in all of my clothes..but yet think Jessica looks healthy in this photo??? Go figure..lol..And just becos she is a star it is bought to every bodies attention that she has dressed wrong yet again!!! Poor Jessica... What a price these celebrities pay for fame.....You can keep it..

I must admit that i do agree this perhaps isn't the correct dress for her shape...does this girl not have a mirror!!!! or a stylist/BFF/Boyfriend to say "i have seen another dress which would be perfect for you"?? At the end of the day, she has I'm sure, better fitting clothes in her many wardrobes.....

Jessica is at Fashion week to launch her latest clothing collection "Show me your blue jeanswear" which she states...that she will be using "Normal" models....Whats normal??? Is there such a thing. Lets hope these models have curves and boobies...that would be a start.
Photo from Mail online

Now if you look at the above photo in my opinion Jessica looks gorgeous, casual and comfortable. The stylist done good girl!!!! You would think with all the money that the celebrities have they would look perfect every...i certainly would..wouldn't you??? But we all have out "FAT" days...which I'm having daily at the min!!??? How do you ladies dress when your having one of those days??? What do you think ladies? should we hide away we put a little weight on, or embrace it? Do you think Jessica look good with a bit more weight on her bones?

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Pics of my own nails

Coral polish with a flick..ded simple but effective

hi fellow bloggers...

I was just looking through my photos and thought you might like to have a gander at nail art i have done on myself..feel free to leave your thoughts...All polishes used have been Nails Inc as this is soooooo my favourite brand oh and perhaps a bit of OPI...happy viewing xxx

Jade green & glitter

my first attempt at leopard print
Purple nails with flower stickers

This is my version of sponging..its ok but not over the moon with it!!
now this is my all time fav design and have done this in many colors..
and finally....
sorry about the frame!!! Tiger print another one of my favs.

Hope you enjoyed these and they inspire you all....many more of these..will do a future post on other nail art i have done.