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Sunday, 22 August 2010

My first ever tag...4 things

Thankyou lara at http://larasbeautybible.blogspot.com/ for taggin me in 4 things about myself, so here goes

4 Things in my bag
Red mock croc purse empty hehehe
pink ipod touch

4 Things in my purse
Gorgeous pic of the boyfriend
visa/credit cards
loyalty cards

4 Things in my (Spare) bedroom (Cos not long moved and only bed in there so would be boring!!
All my nail stuff..theres loads
Lots of shoes & handbags

4 Things Ive always wanted to do
Go on a cruise
Be able to dance...cos im so shit hhah
Go to Venice
Eat loads of cakes and chocolate and not put on any weight!!

4 Things im currently into
Walking/jogging to loose weight
Nails nail and more nails
Getting eyelash extensions

4 Things you dont no about me
I am an identical twin..i am 30 mins older
Apparently i am a great sales person...i can sell sand to the arabs!!
I have a really weird little finger (it looks like its been broken..it hasnt)
I am not married although been with the b/f for 8 years

4 Songs i cannot get out of my head
Anything by lady gaga..love her
The Nightcrawlers - push the feeling on (old but great)
Kylie - Lovers - makes me smile every time i hear it
Justin Timberlake - sexy back

and finally i tag....

sarah at  http://www.iheartcosmetics.co.uk/
Madi at http://themface.blogspot.com/
Jo at http://www.beautyliciouslove.com/

All of the above blogs i read on a daily basis


  1. Wow you have a twin. Thats really cool.
    What have you ordered from lady muck?

  2. hahahah its a bit weird even though i do say it myself...body lotion bar, 2 soaps and a few other bits..carnt wait to get them x