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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Pics of my own nails

Coral polish with a flick..ded simple but effective

hi fellow bloggers...

I was just looking through my photos and thought you might like to have a gander at nail art i have done on myself..feel free to leave your thoughts...All polishes used have been Nails Inc as this is soooooo my favourite brand oh and perhaps a bit of OPI...happy viewing xxx

Jade green & glitter

my first attempt at leopard print
Purple nails with flower stickers

This is my version of sponging..its ok but not over the moon with it!!
now this is my all time fav design and have done this in many colors..
and finally....
sorry about the frame!!! Tiger print another one of my favs.

Hope you enjoyed these and they inspire you all....many more of these..will do a future post on other nail art i have done.



  1. Wow those are some fantastic nail designs!! love them xxx

  2. many thanks lara...will keep them coming hahaah xx

  3. Bloody amazing! Love them all, the top one is my fave though, I love Coral Polish.


  4. thanks jo..yeah im a fan of coral i dont enough hahaha...many more to come xx