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Monday, 27 September 2010

Confidence: Confidence...?????

Confidence: Confidence...?????: "Hi chicklettes... I was wondering today... What gives us confidence???? I have been lacking in this department for quite some time..."


  1. I think in part confidence is something we are raised with or without.
    It is also something we develop through life experience.

    I was raised to be confident in certain areas but not in general.
    I spent most of my life battling that lack of confidence.

    I finally had an apiffany (spelled badly) due to the words of my wise Grandfather WarEagle he said "Do you think a sapling knows it can reach the sun or do you think it tried despite?"

    So I realized that I had to choose to reach for the sun even if somewhere in me I knew it wasn't possible! I act with confidence and tell that doubting voice to shut the hell up! After some time of this I have developed confidence and am strong in my belief that I am strong, smart, wise and beautiful and I own it even on "those" days when my spirit wavers!

    One last thing. I take it upon myself to try to boost and or build other women up and never tear them down. The women I talk to are called beautiful, wise and amazing by me. The Men I speak to are called Love, hottie, brilliant or Mr.WOW. I choose to take those around me on a confidence trip and hope they will begin to belive.

    You are amazing!

  2. evil angel...very interesting thanks so much for your comment xx