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Friday, 10 September 2010

Jessica Simpson

Hi beauties.....Today i have been reading Mail online and they have featured Jessica simpson apparently with a wardrobe malfunction at Project Runway season 8 fashion show in New York.

Jessica simpson
photo from Mail online
Here is the accused photo.......

The article is saying that this dress by Micheal Korres is swamping her which is making her look bigger than she actually is. I personally think too much flesh is on show. Now speaking from experience when i put some weight on i don't want to wear something that is quite fitted, I would much prefer to wear something a little looser.  However as we no when your photo is taken its puts 7lb on right....but i have to be honest she looks like any normal beautiful women you see walking down the high street every day, so whats the problem. And yet..in recent months i have gained a few pounds and dislike myself in all of my clothes..but yet think Jessica looks healthy in this photo??? Go figure..lol..And just becos she is a star it is bought to every bodies attention that she has dressed wrong yet again!!! Poor Jessica... What a price these celebrities pay for fame.....You can keep it..

I must admit that i do agree this perhaps isn't the correct dress for her shape...does this girl not have a mirror!!!! or a stylist/BFF/Boyfriend to say "i have seen another dress which would be perfect for you"?? At the end of the day, she has I'm sure, better fitting clothes in her many wardrobes.....

Jessica is at Fashion week to launch her latest clothing collection "Show me your blue jeanswear" which she states...that she will be using "Normal" models....Whats normal??? Is there such a thing. Lets hope these models have curves and boobies...that would be a start.
Photo from Mail online

Now if you look at the above photo in my opinion Jessica looks gorgeous, casual and comfortable. The stylist done good girl!!!! You would think with all the money that the celebrities have they would look perfect every...i certainly would..wouldn't you??? But we all have out "FAT" days...which I'm having daily at the min!!??? How do you ladies dress when your having one of those days??? What do you think ladies? should we hide away we put a little weight on, or embrace it? Do you think Jessica look good with a bit more weight on her bones?


  1. Just discovered your blog and love it! Now following you xx

    PS. I agree, I think Jess looks great the way she is.

  2. oh wow thanks so much..i will pop on over and have a look at yours xx

  3. I think she looks great!! The black dress in my opinion doesnt fit her. Like you said we have good and bad days :)