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Sunday, 26 September 2010


Hi chicklettes...

I was wondering today...

What gives us confidence????

I have been lacking in this department for quite some time and it got me thinking. How do you get your confidence...is it putting your make up on in a morning...wearing that bright red lipstick..a long soak in the bath with your favourite bath products...chocolate..watching your fave movie???

 If we loose our confidence is it because..someone has said something you didn't want to hear...your did something wrong at work...your life changed and you didn't want it to...your dreams seem so far away..you don't feel good enough..you had a row with your family...


If we loose our confidence does it ever come back??????

I would love to hear your feedback on this question..tell me what makes your confidence soar above the clouds...



  1. I think confidence goes and comes, in my experience I actually have stopped caring about what people think as much! Just be happy in your own skin and be your own person, I guess I as an individual can be quite catty at times so kind of expect some people to disagree with my doings and morals too! I do feel my best though when I have my makeup on though :)

  2. adele, thanks so much for your thoughts...we are women after all and we love a good ol gossip..hahaha..i think most of us women feel better with a bit of slap on!!!lol xx

  3. Great topic :)
    If I start talking on this matter I would babble on endlessly so I'll make this short. i think it comes from deep within you first. You have to love yourself and treat yourself with respect before you know how to share this gift with others. For me it's also a healthy dose of my faith in God & the universe as well. Not in a fanatical way but just knowing we are all children of the universe and if I was placed on this earth then Im just as worthy as the next person even if I'm always messing up and have had my shares of sorrow and hurt. You never truly lose this gift,sometimes it's just buried deep inside you waiting for you to dig it up and polish it off like a diamond in the rough :) I hope this helps you and you shine brightly after whatever ordeal you may be facing. XOXO

  4. Wise words.....would you send me your email address to tuckleym@hotmail.co.uk and we can talk further if thats ok xxx

  5. Is it me your referring too? sure thing :)
    if I don't get a chance today because sometimes I forget to go through emails then my email is displayed on my blog

  6. @venusinvirgo....yeah its you..ok i will send you an email x

  7. Great! I cant wait. Please not Im going on a birthday getaway for a couple of days but I will answer you! looking forward to your email XOXO

  8. Hi Hun, great topic. I think confidence grows or deflates depending a lot on the people who you surround yourself with.
    I have found that i have become more confident as ive got older too.
    I always feel more confident with makeup on like a lot of other women.
    I try and stay away from negative people and don't strive to be perfect but be happy in myself.
    ( sorry if my answer is far too long lol )
    I was really surprised that you have suffered with a lack of self confidence as you seem such a bright bubbly person. I imagin you as being really outgoing and confident.
    When i was younger i was quite shy and didn't have a lot of confidence ( partly due to ex boyfriends putting me down and a bad self image )
    When i had bad days i would imagin i was an actress and pretend i was some gorgeous model or something and spend the day walking with my head held high. It sounds daft now but it really helped me at the time. xxx