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Saturday, 11 September 2010

My new set of gel nails and QVC

My gel nails
Hi chicks...Thought you may like to have a look at the new set of gel extension i did on myself the other day. I have done them a little shorter this time, cos i couldn't pick anything up with my long talons..lol.lol...but they grow pretty quick anyway. I will be painting them in one of my gorgeous new Models Own polishes but this is what they look like without polish...What do you think girls?

Another quickie... I love QVC and especially Gatineau and today they have a Today's Special Value (TSV) where you can buy 3 products for £35.50  + £4.45 P&P. Now the pot of cream normally on QVC sells for around the £70 mark. So as you can see this is a bargain for high end skincare. If you have the money i urge you to buy its as its gorgeous stuff and apparently the whole set of 3 will last you 3 months...so not too bad when you break the price down. Let me no what you all think of QVC...good or bad....and yes i also think the P&P is steep....but they do stock premium products...Click here to purchase...By the way this offer is only on until stocks last or until midnight tonight!!

Gatineau 3 Piece Melatogenine 10th Anniversary Celebration

Photo from QVC

£35.50 + £4.45 P&P

Enjoy  xxx xxx


  1. wow if those nails are shorter you really must of had looooong nails hun. I have been wearing my models own polishes this week too xx

  2. hahaha yeah they were..but they will be again..i only have 2 so they will be on my blog this week x

  3. They look fab! I couldn't wear them as long as that though! How did you learn to do gels? Are they really bad for your nails like acrylics? I look the look of them! xxx

  4. Thanks Nic...these are short for me but been wearing ghem for 10 years!!lol..Went on a 2 day course years ago..there a lot better for your nails than acrylic cos you file them off and dont have to soak your nails in acetone..and you can wear them natural like my photo unlike acrylic that has to be painted xx

  5. They look great (they put my nails to shame lol) xx

  6. @thrive on novelty...arr bless ya...but its only cos i can do my own xx

  7. I'm loving your nails- I'm debating whether to get gels put on my nails- think you have persuaded me to do it.

    Love your blog

    Ray xxxxxxx

  8. hi ray, glad you like my blog...gel is a lot kinder to your nails and in my opion looks far better than the thick acrylic you see most people have on xx