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Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Hi chickletts.....

Here is my very first FOTD....just to let you no mostly everything i use is from the drugstore unless otherwise stated...and i dont own any Mac...so kill me now!!! Some of the makeup i use is ages old and probably not available now...but not to worry you can use any color that you have similiar..

So here it is....

This is an every day very simple look

Ok So here is what i have used...
Tinted moisturiser from ELF in spice...love it always have 1 in reserve
over that i buff in Avon Mineral foundation to give me a tad bit more coverage
Apply bronzer to my cheeks & in crease of my eye to give some definition
Mascara 2-3 coats
Lipgloss nude/pink bare escentuals
eyebrows..dark matt brown eyeshadow from Tigi which is ages old but i love it
Hair..died by myself...lol

Let me no what you think ....


  1. You have such amazing complexion!

  2. Thank you so much...i am product junkie hahahah xx

  3. Well done on your 1st FOTD hun, i want to see plenty more now.
    Your skin looks so flawless and that lipgloss is gorgeous, i love glossy lips.
    I tried the ELF tinted moisturiser and didn't like it but it looks fab on you. Probably because my skin is ergggh and yours is not lol xx

  4. nicoletta..dont be silly your stunnin and thanks for the compliments...yep got some more FOTD pics so will be doing more posts...Im just waiting for an elf order...carnt wait to review eberything!!xx

  5. Looking gorgeous babe! Love your eyebrows.

  6. hi jo..hope your feeling better...thanks so much..look out for more FOTD xx

  7. Wow Martine your skin looks like that of a model!! Keep it up :) xxx

  8. Lara...does it really???? hahahahaha more FOTDto come xx

  9. Your eyebrows look great! I am obsessed with eyebrows at the moment, mine are annoying me x

  10. thanks miss ellie...trick..use a dark brown e/shadow and with an angled brush draw them in where you want them to be!!! Works for me every time x

  11. Nice pink hair!!! lol I know get the name of the blog!