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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

SBC Collagen kit from qvc

Hi Blogging beauties

I thought i would give you some of my advice on collagen and ageing....

As we all no as we get older the collegan and elastin in our bodies gets disconnected which unfortunatley results in sagging and wrinkles. New cells dont grow as quickly and dead cells dont shed as quickly which can result in greyish dull skin...ok so we now no that we need collagen in our skin and we defo need to exfoliate to shed those pesky dead cells this will equal helathy glowing skin...

There are many things that we can to help skin slow down the ageing process and that doesnt mean going under the knife or botox..but beware many skincare anti ageing products very often have such a low concentration of active ingrediants that they wont make much difference at all.... unless you are using skincare such as Angela Langford skincare or other such organic products....

May i introduce.....drum rolll..............

SBC Collagen from qvc

£31.50 + £4.95 P&P

 SBC are water based gels and here is what Beauty Express say about the gel:-

Collagen Gel
  • Collagen treatment at affordable prices
  • A facial and body moisturising gel that is light and easily absorbed
  • A treatment mask for eyes, neck and décolleté
  • Excellent under make-up moisturizer and night treatment gel which with regular use will assist in minimising fine lines and wrinkles
  • An economical treatment gel for use
    with galvanic and micro-current equipment
As you can see from the above statement collagen is an all round good egg. I have over the years recommended all my friends & rellies onto this product as of yet..i have not found anything that comes any where close to moisturising the skin as good as this.

 I use it as a serum after i have cleansed..and you can go right up onto the eyelids (smooths out the crepeiness) and around the eyes. Once a week or more if i need it...i use it as an eye mask..and put a layer on..wait for it to sink and just keep reapplying until the gel no longer sinks in..or better still go to bed in it. I also do this as a face mask as i have mega dry skin on my face and put it on while i am in the bath. If you have a rather large boobies i recommend taking the gel over the face, neck and boobage area (decollete) and it helps to smooth out the vertical lines you can get.

So as you can see this gel is my one of my desert island products. I highly recommend using this and a 500ml bottle last absolutley months as you only need a little.

Have any of you used Collagen gel from SBC before???


  1. ive never tried anything before but this sounds interesting.

  2. Funnyface try it...you will swear by it i promise you xxx