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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

mmm Rose wine i made myself

Hi beauties.....

In my spare time I decided a few months ago to make my own wine as my fab father in law has been doing it for years...and I thought I would give it a go...Well you may think that the Mr and I drink a lot..sorry to disappoint..but we don't....hahahahaha..so why make wine then you may ask!!!  I love making things and had never brewed any wine before....so I made the first lot and it was ok....but now.....whoooooooo.. the Rose I make which I call "Chateau Tuckers""" hahahahahaha is absolutely delish and people have started buying it off me...what a bonus.......We don't like dry wine so I tried to make the Rose quite sweetish..and guess what it only worked!!    lol I couldn't believe it....So now I am making regular supplies and everybody loves..Result....

Some of my wine bottled... I always recycle my bottles too
By the way.....I have begged and borrowed all of these Vodka/wine bottles...honest..

Hope you enjoyed


  1. Wonderful! My grandfather and dad made their own wine as well. My grandads wine always tasted like semi-sweet Russian wine.XOXO

  2. ooo semi sweet russian wine sounds fab...never tried it myself though hahahah xx

  3. I dont drink wine but I love the colour of yours.

  4. Thankyou funnyface...its a lovley pinky color xxx